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To listen to jazz music is to be inspired by the top jazz drummers and all the music they have helped create. This section contains a resource of links, articles, and videos to drum lessons and concerts, to get you inspired on your journey to mastering the jazz drum kit.

Bill Evans' influence on jazz is huge, not least in what he achieved with Miles Davis on Kind of Blue (1959). Outside of that, he redefined what a piano trio could be, turning it into a chamber group rather than simply a vehicle to showcase his talents. This is a great example of that with a trio concert from his European tour in 1965.

How your body and brain learns during practicing | jazz drumming inspiration | on Jazz drumming

All musicians struggle with practice and how to practice effectively. What to practice is very much dependent on your level and your playing goals. How to practice usually means focusing on what you can't do, or at least on what you can't do well enough. But few of us know why practising works and what is going on in the body and brain.

Chick Corea's Wise Words | jazz drumming inspiration | on Jazz drumming

Jazz legend Chick Corea passed away unexpectedly in February, but he leaves beyond a treasure trove of great music, and some profound advice for all aspiring musicians, including jazz drummers.

Solea: Flamenco in Seville | jazz drumming inspiration | on Jazz drumming

"Soleá" is a short documentary about a flamenco guitarist living and playing in Seville. It has some interesting insights into the life of a musician and one can see parallels with jazz musicians.

Brian Blade | 1970 playlist | On Jazz Drumming

Brian Blade suggests a special playlist of tunes from 1970 for JazzTimes magazine, in celebration of the magazines 50th anniversary. The list is interesting in it's own right, but also revealing of Blade's musical influences.

11 essential jazz drummers you should listen to | jazz drumming inspiration | on Jazz drumming

When you are starting out with jazz drumming one of the most important things you need to do is listen a lot. In fact this is true whether you are a beginner or not. In order to understand the rhythms, the feeling, the swing, you have to listen widely and historically. Time spent listening to the music and what the drummers do, is as valuable as practicing, and not listening enough was a mistake I certainly made when I was starting out. In fact, I still need to listen more which is part of the reason I wrote this post.

Vijay Iyer Trio | Marcus Gilmore | On Jazz Drumming

Marcus Gilmore is one of the most interesting and creative jazz drummers playing at the moment. He played for 10 years as part of the Vijay Iyer Trio. Here they are performing some of the tunes from their album "Break Stuff" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Wayne Shorter's Advice | jazz drumming inspiration | on jazz drumming

Now into his eighties Wayne Shorter is one of the living legends of jazz music. He is one of the great jazz composers as well as tenor saxophone players, so when he gives advice it is well worth listening to. And what’s his advice? Read a lot.

two ways to listen | jazz drumming inspiration | on jazz drumming

In Roy Peter Clark’s “Writing Tools” he mentions that as a writer there are two types of reading: reading for content and reading for analysis. By reading for content he means just the usual type of reading to learn about something or just for enjoyment, by reading with X-Ray vision, as he calls it, you read to understand the what the writer is doing and how. Of course, these two levels of reading for writers are applicable as two levels of listening for musicians...

John Riley Headroom Triplets | On Jazz Drumming

I've mentioned John Riley's Headroom triplets in some posts so here's the original video and a PDF of the exercises.