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Welcome to On Jazz Drumming

If you want to learn more about how to play jazz drums, or just get a few tips to improve your jazz drumming, then you've found the right place. Let me explain a bit about this website and kind of content you'll find here.


On Jazz Drumming exists as a resource for aspiring jazz drummers. The aim is to help you learn about jazz music and the basics of jazz drumming, and then to help develop you own voice and creativity on the drum set. Here you will find plenty of jazz drumming exercises, transcriptions, rhythm training and more.

It is an extension and development of a minor website I started about 10 years ago called "jazz drumming blog". This new website should help me to post more content and reach more people.

On Jazz Drumming also charts my investigation into drumming and jazz. I hope you will join me.


As this website is a re-development of "jazz drumming blog" it contains many of the same things:

  • Ideas for jazz drumming. Little things for you to work on, develop your creativity and add to your playing.
  • Exercises. More detailed sets of technical exercises for weak points in your jazz drum perfromance.
  • Tips for beginning jazz drumming. Plenty of lessons that help you to understand the basics.
  • Occasional transcriptions of the great jazz drummers, such as Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Roy Haynes and more.

You will find some of the posts will be reposts of material originally posted on "jazz drumming blog", but often updated and expanded.

The focus here is more on interpretation and accompaniment of jazz music through comping and grooves than solos and soloing (not that these will be ignored!)


timrlake - on jazz drumming

I've been playing drums since I was 9 years old and have been interested in jazz since I played in the high school big band. Since then I've studied, I have a Master's Degree in Jazz Performance from Guildhall, and played jazz drums in London, England. I'm now in Tokyo where I lead a piano trio called the "Colaborat{r}io", as well as other projects, and teach.

If I'm completely honest I haven't reached the level of mastery of the jazz drum set I would like to have, and this website both represents a way for me to share what I've learnt so far, but also to continue my investigation into the art of jazz drumming. I hope you will find it helpful too.

Drummers are particularly admire are:

  • Brian Blade
  • Roy Haynes
  • Elvin Jones
  • Mark Guilana
  • Marcus Gilmore
  • Tony Williams
  • Eric Harland