July 18th, 2016

Idea #31: 5 over 4 Paradiddles

This is a simplification of a warm-up by Anika Nilles (click here to see the original). I thought it was a nice idea and good little challenge but felt it made more sense to me in 4/4. Careful of the switch in sticking. It has also inspired another idea on triplet paradiddles which I'll put up another time.

Jazz Drumming Idea #31, Five over 4 Paradiddles, Jazz Drumming
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June 8th, 2016

Idea #30: 5 beat comping

These are just some random ideas for comping figures in jazz time with groups of 5 beats. Inspired by a section in Gavin Harrison's "Rhythmic Illusions", I wanted to apply some of the phrases to up-tempo playing and more useable 2 or 4 bar chunks. Hopefully you'll find a few interesting ideas to use in your own playing. I'm working on a similar page of 7 beat ideas.

Jazz Drumming Idea #30, Jazz Drumming, Five beat comping
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Dec 20th, 2015

Idea #29: Hand to Foot Control

This idea is a bit similar to some older ideas I posted a few years ago, but I think it provides a nice little challenge. It basically takes the first page of Stone's "Stick Control" and switches the Right Hand for the Right Foot. Instead the RH plays a simple quarter note ostinato with the Hi-Hat on 2 & 4 over each exercise. The idea here is not to make a groove but to work on control between the snare drum and the kick so the parts should be played balanced and smooth. That said, push the exercise to a tempo that is a little uncomfortable to really work on the control, playing each exercise 20 times or so. Try with ostinatos B & C, then experiment yourself.

Jazz Drumming Idea #29, Jazz Drumming, Hand to Foot Control
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Oct 5th, 2015

Idea #28: Advanced Comping

Here are four comping patterns based on a useful figure that is positioned in four places in the bar; you'll see that one of the downbeats is bracketed and can be played as a rest. Each exercises is a development of the short/long idea where the snare plays short beats and the kick plays long notes. Exercise D is one of Alan Dawson's suggestions and exercise E provides a way into Ralph Peterson's Elvin like patterns. You know the drill: start slow and play jazz time throughout (except Ex.D). For an extension switch the short notes to the kick and the long notes to the snare.

Jazz Drumming Idea #28, Jazz Drumming, Advanced Comping
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