September 3rd, 2014

Basics #1: Cymbal Time

In Jazz drumming everything flows and follows from good cymbal time - something I have to keep relearning. This is one simple way to start to approach learning the jazz cymbal pattern. One should focus on the crotchets or quarter notes. The first two lines are essential the same - the top line is how it is written the second line is how you should count the space between the quarter notes, as triplets. The "let" or skiplet or skipnote, added in line three, shouldn't be the same weight as the quarter notes yet should give the pattern forward momentum. Start on these exercises slowly making sure to count the triplets. Play-a-long to some slow blueses such as on Coltrane Plays the Blues, playing several choruses of each exercise.

Jazz Drumming Basics #1, Jazz Cymbal Time
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