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Triplet partial development


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on jazz drumming #idea 14 | triplet partial movement

Here we are looking at developing some ideas with a triplet partial pattern. It uses four beats - two doubles on the snare and two doubles on the bass drum.

The first thing to do is move the figure so that it starts on the different beats of the triplet.

A is probably a familiar figure to most jazz drummers. In B we shift the figure across so that it starts on the second beat of the triplet. In C we shift the figure so that it starts on the third beat of the triplet.

Each of these placements has a different feel and sound.

Use the beat placements to practice putting the figures A - C in different places in the bar. Note, you won't be able to use all the placements as the figure takes up two quarter notes.

In the PDF you will find two longer ideas that cycle through the figures A, B, C in a five-beat and seven-beat pattern.

As always experiment with different sounds. Move the snare drum part to different sounds sources on the kit.

The PDF also includes the reverse figure - a double bass drum and then a double snare drum. You can repeat all the exercises with those patterns too.

I'm sure you can come up with your own ideas too.

Have fun.

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