November 25th, 2011

E.S.P - Tony Williams

One things I admire most about Tony Williams was of course his playing with Miles and more specifically his up-tempo cymbal time. The title track from the album E.S.P provides a great introduction and it interesting for several reasons. First of all, and perhaps most important, is how everything flows from the cymbal time, all the fills and comping, and how it carries and drives the time. He doesn't leave the cymbal for more than a few beats except to mark the end of a chorus. Secondly, is the way he varies the cymbal pattern. Here is a transcription of his playing behind Wayne Shorter's solo, it does get more intense during Miles' solo, but Wayne's solo serves as a great introduction to Tony's uptempo playing. I haven't included all the comping, just some of the more obvious bits, as my focus is on the cymbal time.

ESP - Tony Williams

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