March 5th, 2012

Blue Matter

A classic jazz fusion groove from Dennis Chambers on the title track of John Scofield's 1986 album "Blue Matter". It's basically a slow double time shuffle, but Chambers is really only playing the crotchets in the hi-hat, which means there's a lot of space for the kick part to sync with the bass on all those triplets. It's so heavy and, for some, perhaps hard to believe it's all done on a single pedal. This is a great groove for getting you kick drum chops together. Have fun.

Dennis Chambers, Blue Matter

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November 17th, 2010

Mother Tongues

This tune and groove, from John McLaughlin's "The Heart of Things Live in Paris" album, still grabs me every time I listen to it. Somehow, to me, it demonstrates, everything that is good about jazz fusion; thick, heavy groove, odd time signatures and great solos. This is also perfect Dennis Chamber's territory and shows a typical Chamber's approach to groove playing, filling in a lot of the space with snare drum ghost notes. The main groove is a kind of 5/4 shuffle, which shifts into a driving semi-quaver groove for the guitar, keyboard duel. The cymbal variation can be tricky, but it all has a good flow. Check out the recording and the album.

Dennis Chambers

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