September 15th, 2016

Basics #3/Idea #32: Triplet Flow

I'm posting this in basics as I think it is a good exercise for beginners, but in fact it can be useful for all levels as a warm up or a way to practice moving in and out of time. The basic idea is for you to play a bar of time and then a bar of single stroke triplets, repeating many times until it is smooth. Then you play two bars of time and two bars of triplets. then 4 bars of each. At this point you can see you are developing foundations for trading fours, then eights, working up to 32bar phrases. The second page gets a bit more challenging as it introduces accents, which can then be voiced and mixed to develop solos and so on. Work with basic feet throughout, as you can see in the pdf, and a variety of tempos.

Jazz Drumming, Triplet Flow
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July 18th, 2016

Idea #31: 5 over 4 Paradiddles

This is a simplification of a warm-up by Anika Nilles (click here to see the original). I thought it was a nice idea and good little challenge but felt it made more sense to me in 4/4. Careful of the switch in sticking. It has also inspired another idea on triplet paradiddles which I'll put up another time.

Jazz Drumming Idea #31, Five over 4 Paradiddles, Jazz Drumming
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June 8th, 2016

Idea #30: 5 beat comping

These are just some random ideas for comping figures in jazz time with groups of 5 beats. Inspired by a section in Gavin Harrison's "Rhythmic Illusions", I wanted to apply some of the phrases to up-tempo playing and more useable 2 or 4 bar chunks. Hopefully you'll find a few interesting ideas to use in your own playing. I'm working on a similar page of 7 beat ideas.

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Dec 20th, 2015

Idea #29: Hand to Foot Control

This idea is a bit similar to some older ideas I posted a few years ago, but I think it provides a nice little challenge. It basically takes the first page of Stone's "Stick Control" and switches the Right Hand for the Right Foot. Instead the RH plays a simple quarter note ostinato with the Hi-Hat on 2 & 4 over each exercise. The idea here is not to make a groove but to work on control between the snare drum and the kick so the parts should be played balanced and smooth. That said, push the exercise to a tempo that is a little uncomfortable to really work on the control, playing each exercise 20 times or so. Try with ostinatos B & C, then experiment yourself.

Jazz Drumming Idea #29, Jazz Drumming, Hand to Foot Control
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Idea #28: Advanced Comping

Claudio Slon: Captain Bacardi

Basics #2: Beginning Jazz Comping

Idea #27: Rolls at different tempos

Idea #26: Stick Control

Idea #25.3: The Other - Extensions

Idea #25.2: The Other - Phrases and Unisons

Idea #25.1: Other simple phrase

Idea #24: Hand and Foot Triplets #2

Mike Clark: Palm Grease

Idea #23: Hand and Foot Triplets #1

Basics #1: Cymbal Time



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